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Who We Are.

Aberdeen Fabrics is an American manufacturer and distributor of custom engineered technical textile materials for a wide range of fabric printing and graphics applications. Our 40+ years of expertise, reputation, and success are based on our commitment to quality products, customer service, and customer satisfaction. Since we are a mill, producing all of our goods

in house gives us the advantage of being able to supply high volume on a short notice. When you buy from Aberdeen you get the advantage of our manufacturing expertise and industry knowledge. Our mill to customer business model allows our customers to have confidence in their supply. 

Our Mission


"Made in America"


Dedication To Our Customers

Earth first is our ethos. From our location to our material sourcing, being green is and has always been our main goal. Check out our Sustainability page to see how Aberdeen is Green

The words Made In America mean a lot to us. We pride ourselves on keeping and creating jobs for Americans. Employment at textile finishing mills fell by 44% from 2007 to 2016.

We fight to change that

Exceeding our customers' expectations is our goal.  Aberdeen's team is only a phone call away to help you overcome your challenges.  We understand that delivery expectations MUST be met and stock millions of pounds of inventory to make sure our customers stay running.

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