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How we ship

Customers can arrange their own pickup if desired, or provide us their UPS or FedEx account number, and no shipping or handling charge will be applied. Or, we can arrange shipping, and a freight charge will be added to the final invoice amount.

We ship two ways depending on the product and the amount ordered.

For rolls more than 100" wide:

These orders must be put into a pallet and shipped via LTL freight. We build each pallet to a standard size, but can accommodate custom sizes at the customer's request.

For rolls less than 100" wide:

For sample rolls, and for small orders (2 rolls or less), these can be shipped via UPS. For larger orders, a pallet will be built and will ship via LTL freight.


For most styles we Produce rolls at 100 yards and 126".

We can fill orders anywhere from one roll to truckloads. 

We can cut rolls to specific widths upon request.

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